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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Shower - One last glitch

Hi everyone!  I'm  couple of weeks late per my usual bi-monthly report.  I apologize, but I definitely overbooked myself with home projects, cottage projects, and bringing our daughter home from grad school.

Here are before and after pictures of the shower remodel prompted by an ant problem!

These pictures above still don't show the wall paint touch ups, the baseboard replaced, or the shower head and trim installed.  The color on the after pic of the sink came out wrong.  The cabinet is still a nice cherry color.  The walls on the after picture are more accurate to what we have too.  Lighting is everything!

I've decided to wait on getting the glass doors replaced.  I'm not happy with the use of the schluter trim on the shower step, so I may replace the step top with a smooth slab of either quartz  to match the sink counter or cultured marble to match a tile in the mosaics.  The profile edge is a bit higher than the tile surface, so water WILL collect.  Note the dark outline on the shower step in this pic:

I bought a shower curtain, 'rings', and a bar for now.

As for the one last glitch - The pipe coming out of the wall has threads on the outside.  The pipe I need to connect to get my shower head on also has threads on the outside.  Too bad I didn't notice this when the wall was open!  I'm now in search of a connector, because I really don't want to tear apart my hard work on the tiling just to get a shower head connected.  I'll let you know what I find. 

In the meantime, I'm on to the next project.  Remember my Bunk House Dreams posted in February?  I'm starting that project.  Of course, I'll be posting pics for that next time!

If only I could relax...



I had to hire a plumber to remove the pipe nipple that prevented me from installing my wonderful new shower head because I wasn't sure it was just a nipple and feared that any twisting done by me or Don would break all the piping behind my beautiful tile work.  $75.00 later, I have use of my awesome shower head!

My wonderful family also gave me a gift off my Christmas list - (yeah - I'm a decorator geek!) - a teak shower stool with a shelf.  I will now put this project to rest.  I can live for now without a glass shower enclosure just so I can move on to other projects.  There are always other projects!


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