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Saturday, October 31, 2015

The little bunk house is now fully clothed

We started out this June with a deteriorating slant roof structure that had a leaky roof and never had any siding on it except for OSB (which isn't siding at all!).  We ended up with a cute, gable roof structure with pretty cedar siding, a new entrance, a deck, a pine ceiling, and roof that WILL NOT LEAK.  (I may be commanding here more than reporting, but it better not leak after all the hard work we put into it.)  I learned a bunch about construction and am extremely grateful for the help of good friends and family.  It's not plumb and level, but working with the existing structure made that impossible.  The entire effort was a big lesson learned along with several small lessons.

Here are a few side by side comparison of the work we did -

Yes, we really did a few changes!  We removed 2 windows from the back (not shown).  We moved the door from the side to the front and moved the window from the front to the side.  There is one more window on the wall opposite the window shown.

We used the same door, minus a screen door for now.  We added a doorknob with a lock so we don't have to deal with pad locks.  Added a step using douglas fir wood, then stained it with walnut colored gel stain.

Here is a look from beginning to almost the end...Sorry the sizing and focal point changes a bit!

Here is how we left 'her' on 10/25/2015 when we closed up the main house and all buildings for the winter.  (I must have stained the door step after this picture!)

 I like it!