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Monday, September 7, 2015

It took a couple of weekends, but the little cabbage roof is done!

Okay, so here is another quick update on the little cabbage.  The first 2 days of August, our great friends came back to help us get the heavy 4x8 OSB onto the rooftop over the nice pine planks we added in the last post.  We added fascia boards on the sides to 'cap' the end of the rafters.

Here is a link to some instructions that point out what a fascia board is and other tips.  We didn't follow these instructions - I found them now while I write this post! We generally did the same thing.

Next we added the roofing felt.  Don is the fearless one on top of the roof!

While holding the ladder, Lu tries to convince Chris that building is sexy!  I'm sure she succeeded.

Chris and Lu handled the shingles on this side after adding the drip edge down the gable ends.

Don and I installed this side.  Can you see the one we put in upside down?  I don't care! This is hard work.  It was in the mid to upper 80's this weekend.

This is not the end, really...
Moving on to the weekend of 8/22...

OSB installed, on to roofing felt on the other side :)
Don spent 4.5 hours on top of the roof, while I cut shingles and went up and down the ladder bringing them to him.  Ouch!  But the roof is finally done.

And now onto painting the door and installing trim and siding...


It took about 4 hours to get the siding done on this one side. It is not fun anymore, but I know I'll be happy when it is all done.

Happy Labor Day!

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