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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Shower: Bits of progress along with delays

Sorry for the big delays in updating everyone.  Here's where we are at with the main bathroom shower project.

Our demolition is done.  Warning...when you pound on a wall with the intent to knock off heavily attached tile, there will be consequences on the other side of the wall.  We had removed pictures, but didn't expect the medicine cabinet contents to jump out and end up all over the place!

The niches in the wall needed to be removed so we can get some newer larger niches.  The tiles were against the drywall.  I removed the tiles, then banged out the horizontal studs a bit too hard.

Before removing horizontal studs.

We ended up with a hole in the wall through to the bedroom.  My fault. This was unintentional, but as tired as I was removing tiles, I ended up not being as careful in removing the old niche supports.  The shower now sits awaiting the replacement of drywall.  We need to 'patch' the hole which we have enlarged a bit (!) before we get our new niches built in.

Initial hole.
Enlarged for 'easier' repair ?

If we are going to order 1 sheet of drywall, why not order more.  Our bathroom needs one piece and we need about 6 for the wall of the workshop in the basement.

Ordered from Home Depot -
Model # 14113411708
UltraLight 1/2 in. x 4 ft. x 8 ft. Gypsum Board

We need a way to pick up the drywall from the store.  The trailer was at the cottage.  We took a trip and brought it home, but it needed electrical work since one of the trailer wires was not connected and we didn't have rear lights.  Whoops!  All fixed now.

The subway tiles have been purchased from Home Depot - 1.75 per square foot compared to 2.99 and up per square foot at Floor360.  I did end up ordering the mosaic tile through Floor360.  I find they are a great source for variety and for allowing designers to be creative in their showroom with their own clients.  I hope to keep a relationship with them.

Subway tile
Mosaic tile

Our shower base guy has been trying to fit us in.  I didn't want the shower base to be installed while I was in Vegas with my mom.  He apparently attempted to come over one morning without a contact call with Don while I was away!  I appreciate the ambition, but I'm glad that didn't work.  Now that I'm back, we will rush to get the drywall, fix the wall, and hope he can come by soon.  I'll be at work, but that's hopefully okay.

This is the old shower base.
Floor tile GONE!

Our shower base guy came through!  He is from Shower Masters.  Don't expect him to use email or other internet communication.  He is a master of showers, not technology - self admitted!  He created our shower base, walls and niche ready to tile.  I'm just waiting for the cement to dry, the mosaic tile to be delivered, and time to tile.

This corner wall will require some creativity to make it look good.

Oh, how pretty, as wet cement goes!

When cement is dry, Don will add more pink water proofing material.

The niche will require some shelves.

I'm a bit overloaded with projects, so starting to get this tile job done will probably take a few weeks.  I'm currently writing a business plan for my Home Decorating business venture (more to be revealed in future posts), we hope to open our seasonal lake cottage in the next week or so, my birthday is coming, Mother's day is coming, we are planning to move our daughter (and trusty creative assistant) back home in June, so there's a bunch on my plate.  All these events require planning.  My main home garden suffers again this spring from a lack of attention.  Thanks to Don for doing some basic work on it and to my trusty perennials for returning even though they haven't seen me in a few years - it seems.

Happy Spring to all!

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  1. I see your bathroom has been through a lot of changes, and most of them are quite essential— especially the niche. Niches are best when they are big, that way you can fit a lot of shampoos, conditioners, and whatnot. Anyway, I hope things are doing great for you now. Cheers!

    Johnny Hernandez @ Ripple Systems