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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Bunk House Dreams

While between projects I've been searching for ideas on what to do with our lake bunk house.   It's a tiny house about 100 square feet - 9.5 by 11.5 on the inside.  The roof has been leaking for 2 years and there are some moisture problems with some of the structure.  We currently have a tarp over the roof, so we can ignore the problem until we can attack it.  We are planning to attack it this summer.

I do have some wonderful dreams for the little shack.  Here's one of my favorite.  Unfortunately, I don't have the link to the site where I found this.  Sorry.

One bed would not be practical for a bunk house that is intended to sleep more people than we can fit in the main house.  I'd love to be able to put in a bunk bed with a full bed on the bottom.  Here is something that is a bit more than we need, but still very cool with the stairs serving as extra storage.

Bunk Bed King

This one is much more rustic and looks like a great option for a cabin atmosphere.
The Log Furniture Store
Most likely I'll be at a flea market or garage sale and see something much more simple and inexpensive and I'll grab it up.  This one would work for our little lake cab-age (combo of cabin/cottage!).  Where is that garage sail when you need it? :)


I don't actually have many pictures of the bunk house at this time.  The focus has been the main house and the land around it.

Interior before we bought the place

Before any foundation work - Bunk House to the left of car
During our main house foundation work - next to the CAT

Here are some plans while I dream of the end result.  The roof is completely different.

As this project gets going, I'll be sure to blog the progress.  Unfortunately, I can't get to the Cab-age until it warms up.  We usually open up the main house the end of April.  I can still dream.

Tell me what your dreams are for this summer.

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